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Judi Glass & Ryan Shannon — Minted

Judi Glass


Ryan Shannon

Judi Glass and Ryan Shannon

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Our Story

It all started with an email. After countless months of unanswered emails someone was finally answering all of Judi’s work requests - Ryan - or as he was referred to amongst Judi and her friends “RTS.” A few emails turned into instant messaging and messaging turned into phone calls. Eventually, after months of talking without having met face to face Ryan asked if Judi had coffee in her office. (We now know Ryan never drinks coffee in the afternoon).

They talked for a bit, and finally made plans to “be friends on the outside.” After a few attempts to hang out in groups, and one half attempt from Judi to set Ryan up with one of her now bridesmaids… they finally planned a date to old town Alexandria and Judi’s favorite wine bar. It didn’t take long after that day to know there was no more denying this was something real. A few days later Ryan had a fun night out at the Irish pub and got some liquid courage to admit it and - as they say - the rest is history! ♥️